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       Helping people file court papers is important. It is also           

  important to have a lawyer explain the process, give advice

  and look at all aspects of the case.  Are children involved? 

  What is marital property and how is it divided?  Is there

  domestic violence?  Is mediation or settlement possible? 

      A lawyer helps his client to be legally and mentally

  prepared for any hearing or negotiation. 

       I believe a lawyer should take the time to talk to you; to

  listen; and help you understand  the law and how the

  Courts look at your own situation. 

      When children are involved, every case is different, 

 but family law is still about "family".  

      Parents may get divorced but they do not divorce 

 their children.  Custody, child support and shared-parenting

 are often difficult to resolve.  

      Talking to  a lawyer about problems that arise after a final

  divorce can be helpful.